Road & Gravel Routes

Even though we may lose friends by admitting this, many of the club members ride on pavement and gravel. Here are some of our favorite routes.
Photo: Michael Roys Adventure Photography

2019 Short Saturday Morning Pedal

2019 Short Saturday Morning Pedal

: 10 miles

Climbing:  323 Feet

Surface:  City roads and urban paved trail

Safety:  Roads are quiet.  Some have bike lanes.  1 mile of paved trail with no motor vehicles.

Spring Lake Barber Ridge Gravel Loop

Spring Lake Barber Ridge Gravel Loop

Distance:  23 miles

Climbing:  1452 feet

Surface:  Mostly gravel.  There is a little pavement at the beginning.

Safety:  There is no support and few houses on the route.  No water or bathrooms at Spring Lake in the off-season.

Long Saturday Morning Pedal

Long Saturday Morning Pedal

Distance:  20 miles

Climbing:  466 Feet

Surface:  Rural pavement, highways, and city roads

Safety:  The highways have high traffic during peak driving hours.  Use caution at mile 14 on the narrow bridge with no shoulder.